cman hub

Cman Hub is offering ERP systems that enable companies/factories to integrate all their core business processes into one complete system which helps streamline processes and information across the entire company / factory.

The systems enable the collection and organizing of data from various levels of a company thus;
cman hub Providing an insight into the key performance indicators in real time.
cman hub Automates core business operations hence improving on efficiency
cman hub Enhances Customer Service
cman hub Improves collaboration within the organization
cman hub Makes reporting easy
cman hub Saves time hence increases productivity
cman hub Improved data security
cman hub Helps with forecasting
cman hub Helps eliminate redundant processes and systems hence lowering the cost of doing business overall.
cman hub And so many other benefits

Some of the major / core modules that are integrated in our ERP systems include;

cman hub Finance / Accounting Module
cman hub Human Resource Module
cman hub Customer Relationship Management Module
cman hub Supply Chain and Vendor Management
cman hub Projects and services
cman hub Manufacturing Module and many others