Cman hub is offering you a leading pharmacy management system designed specifically for today's busy pharmacies. Our software provides a comprehensive solution that allows complete pharmacy management from a single platform.

It serves as the backbone of a pharmacy, and provides essential functions including:
cman hub• Common prescription
cman hub• Workflow management,
cman hub• Expense Management ( claim and approval processes)
cman hub• Inventory management (Ability to easily adjust inventory levels as new products are received, and expired or obsolete items are removed, Identify best-selling products, along with slow movers, Managing your physical inventory, Full inventory visibility.)
cman hub• Report generation,
cman hub• Automated refill management,
cman hub• Patient record management.
cman hub• Instant access to all sales activities,
cman hub• Payroll
cman hub• Full income statement and balance sheet and many others.

Our software also offers unique capabilities for long-term pharmacies, compounding and specialty pharmacies, along with digital and mail-order pharmacies. It's a total pharmacy dispensing software that enhances overall pharmacy productivity.

cman hub